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World Scout Jamboree 2015

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Join our 100 Club for a chance to win

a cash prize every month!

The 100 Club is a chance to win some money for yourself and also raise some money for the Jamboree Fund.

For every  £1 share 50p goes to the cash prizes and 50p to the Fund.

The more shares sold the more money you win - if there are 100 shares sold first prize each month will be £25! See the link below for the full set of Rules.

Decide how many shares you want e.g. £5 a month entitles you to five shares with fifteen chances to win a prize in every draw.

How to Play

Complete a monthly  Standing Order or send a cheque for a whole year’s payment together with an Application form to the address shown on the form or hand it in to a Leader at the 10th, 15th or 32nd Chingford Scout Troops.

Application Form

100 Club Rules 2015

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Draw Winners

(100 Club Rules 2014)